Bar at the Polish Hall

Our Bar is licensed and stocked with a large
  selection of beer, coolers, alcohol, and wine.
Special orders can be arranged prior to the
  event with the Bar Manager.
Home made wine can be brought in by the
  Event Host (person renting the Hall) subject to
  LCBO rules. 
Wine glasses can be provided by the Bar at
  minimal rates or supplied by the Event Host. 
The Event Host is required to aid the bar service
  personnel to ensure the safety of their guests. 
Please contact our Bar Manager for any special
  requests that you might have.

Bar Regular Prices.
The price list shown below is per drink and includes HST.
Liquor ------------------------------------$4.50
Regular Beer -----------------------$4.75
Imported Beer --------------------$5.00
Polish Beer ---------------------------$5.75
Wine --------------------------------------$6.00
Coolers ----------------------------------$5.00
Wine by the 1L bottle -- $24.00